Lithium-ion Battery Fire Safety Basics

A 20-30 minute Online Awareness Course for people working around lithium-ion batteries & electric vehicles.
  • Emma Sutcliffe, Dan Fish & Professor Paul Christensen
  • No prior knowledge needed
  • 20-30 minute self-guided online course
  • AU$49.00
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What will you learn?

In this Online Awareness Course, you'll learn everything you need to know to more confidently work safely around lithium-ion batteries & electric vehicles:

  • What is a lithium-ion battery?
  • What is thermal runaway?
  • Identifying LiBs in your workplace
  • Safer working around LiBs
  • Identifying a LiB fire (& what to do!)

Introducing your expert instructors

Emma Sutcliffe

EV FireSafe director
Emma is the Director of EV FireSafe, a private company funded by the Australian Department of Defence to research EV battery fires & emergency response. She is also an operational volunteer firefighter.

Emma Sutcliffe

Dan is EV FireSafe's Technical Specialist & EV safety guru. He started his career as a mechanic & became a full-time firefighter 20 years ago. He now has an encyclopaedic knowledge of EVs & high voltage systems.

Professor Paul Christensen

lithium-ion safety
Paul is a Professor of Pure & Applied Electrochemisty at Newcastle University, UK. His work in lithium-ion battery fires is globally recognised for it's contribution to safety.

Your vital first step to understanding the risk of lithium-ion battery fires in an electrified world.

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