Emergency Responder Training

Prepare to manage lithium-ion battery & electric vehicle fires with confidence
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What will you learn?

Session 1: Lithium-ion battery & electric vehicle basics

  • What is a lithium-ion battery, how are they constructed & where are they used? 
  • What do the stats say about lithium-ion battery fire cause, risk & consequence?
  • What is thermal runaway?
  • Early warning signs of thermal runaway 
  • How to recognise a damaged lithium-ion battery 
  • Battery ignition & vapour cloud explosion
  • Categorisation of LiBs & emergency response 
  • A look at thermal runaway across a range of lithium-ion battery uses

Session 2: Emergency Response Considerations

  • First on scene verbal & visual checks for EVs 
  • Does an EV fire mean EV battery fire & how can we distinguish between the two? 
  • How can we use IAIIM to manage a LiB or EV incident? 
  • What is emerging best practice from agencies globally? 
  • Managing thermal runaway 
  • Emerging products & tools 
  • Why is there a risk of secondary ignition? 
  • Safe handover & best practice for post-incident operations

Your vital first step to confidently managing lithium-ion battery incidents in an electrified world.

Introducing your expert instructors

Emma Sutcliffe

EV FireSafe director
Emma is the Director of EV FireSafe, a private company funded by the Australian Department of Defence to research EV battery fires & emergency response. She is also an operational volunteer firefighter.

Dan Fish

EV firesafe technical specialist
Dan is EV FireSafe's Technical Specialist & EV safety guru. He started his career as a mechanic & became a full-time firefighter 20 years ago. He now has an encyclopaedic knowledge of EVs & high voltage systems.
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